Optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views

Published by IEEE Computer Society

The recovery of 3D models from multiple reference images involves not only the extraction of 3D shape, but also of texture. Assuming that all surfaces are Lambertian, the resulting final texture is typically computed as a linear combination of reference textures. This is, however, not the optimal means for reconstructing textures, since this does not model the anisotropy in the texture projection. Furthermore, the spatial image sampling may be quite variable within a foreshortened surface. This also has important implications for computer vision techniques that involve analysis by synthesis and the image-based rendering (IBR) technique of viewdependent texture mapping (VDTM). In this paper, starting with sampling theory, we show how weights should be spatially distributed for optimal texture construction. The local weights take into consideration the effects of anisotropy and variable spatial image sampling. We also present experimental results to verify our analysis.