The Transliterated Search track has been organized for the third year in FIRE-2015. The track had three subtasks. Subtask I was on language labeling of words in code-mixed text fragments; it was conducted for 8 Indian languages: Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, mixed with English. Subtask II was on ad-hoc retrieval of Hindi film lyrics, movie reviews and astrology documents, where both the queries and documents were either in Hindi written in Devanagari or in Roman transliterated form. Subtask III was on transliterated question answering where the documents as well as questions were in Bangla script or Roman transliterated Bangla. A total of 24 runs were submitted by 10 teams, of which 14 runs were for subtask I and 10 runs for subtask II. There were no participation for Subtask III. The overview presents a comprehensive report of the subtasks, datasets, runs submitted and performances.