An Overview of JML Tools and Applications

  • Lilian Burdy ,
  • Yoonsik Cheon ,
  • David R. Cok ,
  • Michael D. Ernst ,
  • Joseph R. Kiniry ,
  • Gary T. Leavens ,
  • Rustan Leino ,
  • Erik Poll

International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer | , Vol 7(3): pp. 212-232

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The Java Modeling Language (JML) can be used to specify the detailed design of Java classes and interfaces by adding annotations to Java source files. The aim of JML is to provide a specification language that is easy to use for Java programmers and that is supported by a wide range of tools for specification type-checking, runtime debugging, static analysis, and verification.

This paper gives an overview of the main ideas behind JML, the different groups collaborating to provide tools for JML, and the existing applications of JML. Thus far, most applications have focused on code for programming smartcards written in the Java Card dialect of Java.