Pinch-the-Sky Dome: Freehand Multi-Point Interactions with Immersive Omni-Directional Data

CHI 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA |

Pinch-the-Sky Dome is a large immersive installation where several users can interact simultaneously with omni-directional data inside of a tilted geodesic dome. Our system consists of an omni-directional projector-camera unit in the center of the dome. The projector is able to project an image spanning the entire 360 degrees and a camera is used to track freehand gestures for navigation of the content. The interactive demos include: 1) the exploration of the astronomical data provided by World Wide Telescope, 2) social networking 3D graph visualizations, 3) immersive panoramic images, and 4) 360 degree video conferencing. We combine speech commands with freehand pinch gestures to provide a highly immersive and interactive experience to several users inside the dome, with a very wide field of view for each user.