Placing in Age: Transitioning to a New Home in Later Life

ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction | , Vol 22

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Moving home in later life is an experience born of necessity for many older people. Yet while a good deal of research has considered how to support ‘ageing in place’, relatively little attention has been given to the transition of moving to a new home, or how a feeling of belonging is accomplished once there. We present findings from two studies that explore ‘placing in age’. The first looks at downsizing one’s home; the second at living in a residential care home. We reflect on what placing in age means in these two circumstances, and how technology might be used to support it. We highlight the importance of continuity through change and the ability to ‘design’ everyday life. Rather than support for stability, or reminiscing about the past, the aim is to address the need for change and to enable the meaningful spending of time now and in the future.