The PlusCal Algorithm Language

Theoretical Aspects of Computing-ICTAC 2009, Martin Leucker and Carroll Morgan editors. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, number 5684, 36-60. |

PlusCal (formerly called +CAL) is an algorithm language. It is meant to replace pseudo-code for writing high-level descriptions of algorithms. An algorithm written in PlusCal is translated into a TLA+ specification that can be checked with the TLC model checker [127]. This paper describes the language and the rationale for its design.

An earlier version was rejected from POPL 2007. Based on the reviews I received and comments from Simon Peyton-Jones, I revised the paper and submitted it to TOPLAS, but it was again rejected. It may be possible to write a paper about PlusCal that would be considered publishable by the programming-language community. However, such a paper is not the one I want to write. For example, two of the three TOPLAS reviewers wanted the paper to contain a formal semantics–something that I would expect people interested in using PlusCal to find quite boring. (A formal TLA+ specification of the semantics is available on the Web.) I therefore decided to publish it as an invited paper in the ICTAC conference proceedings.