Quasar: A Probabilistic Publish-Subscribe System for Social Networks

Proceedings of The 7th International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS '08) |

Existing peer-to-peer publish-subscribe systems rely on structured-overlays and rendezvous nodes to store and relay group membership information. While conceptually simple, this design incurs the significant cost of creating and maintaining rigid-structures and introduces hotspots in the system at nodes that are neither publishers nor subscribers. In this paper, we introduce Quasar, a rendezvous-less probabilistic publish-subscribe system that caters to the specific needs of social networks. It is designed to handle social networks of many groups; on the order of the number of users in the system. It creates a routing infrastructure based on the proactive dissemination of highly aggregated routing vectors to provide anycast-like directed walks in the overlay. This primitive, when coupled with a novel mechanism for dynamically negating routes, enables scalable and efficient group-multicast that obviates the need for structure and rendezvous nodes. We examine the feasibility of this approach and show in a large-scale simulation that the system is scalable and efficient.