QuickView: advanced search of tweets

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Published by ACM

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Tweets have become a comprehensive repository for real-time information. However, it is often hard for users to quickly get information they are interested in from tweets, owing to the sheer volume of tweets as well as their noisy and informal nature. We present QuickView, an NLP-based tweet search platform to tackle this issue. Specifically, it exploits a series of natural language processing technologies, such as tweet normalization, named entity recognition, semantic role labeling, sentiment analysis, tweet classification, to extract useful information, i.e., named entities, events, opinions, etc., from a large volume of tweets. Then, non-noisy tweets, together with the mined information, are indexed, on top of which two brand new scenarios are enabled, i.e., categorized browsing and advanced search, allowing users to effectively access either the tweets or fine-grained information they are interested in.