Real-Time Texture Synthesis By Patch-Based Sampling

Lin Liang, Ce Liu, Ying-Qing Xu, Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum

MSR-TR-2001-40 |

We present a patch-based sampling algorithm for synthesizing textures from an input sample texture. The patch-based sampling algorithm is fast. Using patches of the sample texture as building blocks for texture synthesis, this algorithm makes high-quality texture synthesis a real-time process. For generating textures of the same size and comparable (or better) quality, patch-based sampling is orders of magnitude faster than existing texture synthesis algorithms. The patch-based sampling algorithm synthesizes high-quality textures for a wide variety of textures ranging from regular to stochastic. By sampling patches according to a non-parametric estimation of the local conditional MRF density, we avoid mismatching features across patch boundaries. Moreover, the patch-based sampling algorithm remains effective when pixel-based non-parametric sampling algorithms fail to produce good results. For natural textures, the results of the patch-based sampling look subjectively better.