Mobile cloud computing can greatly enrich the capabilities of today’s pervasive mobile devices. Storing data on the cloud can enable features such as automatic backup, seamless transition between multiple devices, and multiuser support for existing apps. However, the process of converting local into cloud data types requires high expertise, is difficult, and time-consuming. Refactoring techniques can greatly simplify this process. In this paper we present a formative study where we analyzed and successfully converted four real-world touchdevelop apps into cloud-enabled apps. Based on these lessons, we designed and implemented, CLOUDIFYER, a tool that automatically refactors local data types into cloud data types on the touchdevelop platform. Our empirical evaluation on a corpus of 123 mobile apps resulting in 2722 transformations shows (i) that the refactoring is widely applicable, (ii) CLOUDIFYER saves human effort, and (iii) CLOUDIFYER is accurate.