Research Developments and Directions in Speech Recognition and Understanding, Part 1

  • Janet Baker ,
  • Li Deng ,
  • Jim Glass ,
  • Sanjeev Khudanpur ,
  • Chin-Hul Lee ,
  • Nelson Morgan ,
  • Douglas O'Shgughnessy

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine | , Vol 26(3): pp. 75-80

To advance research, it is important to identify promising future research directions, especially those that have not been adequately pursued or funded in the past. The working group producing this article was charged to elicit from the human language technology (HLT) community a set of well-considered directions or rich areas for future research that could lead to major paradigm shifts in the field of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and understanding. ASR has been an area of great interest and activity to the signal processing and HLT communities over the past several decades.