RoCuModel: An Iterative Tangible Modeling System

  • Yuebo Shen ,
  • Keqin Dou ,
  • Jiawei Gu

8th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI'14) |

Published by ACM

This paper presents RoCuModel, an iterative tangible modeling system that helps users build 3D models in a tangible way for personal fabrication. It consists mainly of a special tangible curve and an infrared camera. Users can create 3D objects by creating sketchy low-fidelity shapes with the hand. By rotating the curve along a fixed axis, users can visualize the volumetric model in a 3D space in real time. RoCuModel provides a new way for people to design and create a rotationally symmetric 3D model. This is our first step towards eliminating the gap between specialists and non-specialist users in personal fabrication.

RoCuModel: an iterative tangible modeling system

RoCuModel is a new tangible modeling interface which combines a specific curve as a tangible modeling proxy input which can also generate a volumetric 3D image to preview the model before fabrication. This research explores a new modeling interactive system that could simplify the process of personal fabrication as well as bridge the gap between design and fabrication for common users without technical requirements. With RoCuModel, people can design a model by hand shaping a tangible curve.