SearchTogether: An Interface for Collaborative Web Search

Proceedings of UIST 2007 |

Published by ACM

Studies of search habits reveal that people engage in many search tasks involving collaboration with others, such as travel planning, organizing social events, or working on a homework assignment. However, current Web search tools are designed for a single user, working alone. We introduce SearchTogether, a prototype that enables groups of remote users to synchronously or asynchronously collaborate when searching the Web. We describe an example usage scenario, and discuss the ways SearchTogether facilitates collaboration by supporting awareness, division of labor, and persistence. We then discuss the findings of our evaluation of SearchTogether, analyzing which aspects of its design enabled successful collaboration among study participants

Publication Downloads

SearchTogether Beta

March 17, 2009

SearchTogether: An Interface for Collaborative Web Search

SearchTogether video as presented at the UIST 2007 conference. SearchTogether is the first collaborative web search tool.

SearchTogether Lasting Impact Talk

Lasting Impact Award talk at the UIST 2018 conference in Berlin, reflecting on the SearchTogether project.