SecondNet: A Data Center Network Virtualization Architecture with Bandwidth Guarantees

  • Chuanxiong Guo
  • Guohan Lu
  • Shuang Yang
  • Chao Kong
  • Peng Sun
  • Wenfei Wu
  • Helen Wang
  • Guohan Lv


Published by Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.

In this paper, we propose virtual data center (VDC) as the unit of resource allocation for multiple tenants in the cloud. VDCs are more desirable than physical data centers because the resources allocated to VDCs can be rapidly adjusted as tenants’ needs change. To enable the VDC abstraction, we design a data center network virtualization architecture called SecondNet. SecondNet achieves scalability by distributing all the virtual-to-physical mapping, routing, and bandwidth reservation state in server hypervisors. Its it port-switching based source routing (PSSR) further makes SecondNet applicable to arbitrary network topologies using commodity servers and switches. SecondNet introduces a centralized VDC allocation algorithm for bandwidth guaranteed virtual to physical mapping. Simulations demonstrate that our VDC allocation achieves high network utilization and low time complexity. Our implementation and experiments show that we can build SecondNet on top of various network topologies, and SecondNet provides bandwidth guarantee and elasticity, as designed.