Simultaneous Super-Resolution and Feature Extraction for Recognition of Low Resolution Faces

  • Pablo H. Hennings-Yeomans
  • Simon Baker
  • B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar

Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition |

Published by IEEE Computer Society

Face recognition degrades when faces are of very low resolution since many details about the difference between one person and another can only be captured in images of sufficient resolution. In this work, we propose a new procedure for recognition of low-resolution faces, when there is a high-resolution training set available. Most previous super-resolution approaches are aimed at reconstruction, with recognition only as an after-thought. In contrast, in the proposed method, face features, as they would be extracted for a face recognition algorithm (e.g., eigenfaces, Fisherfaces, etc.), are included in a super-resolution method as prior information. This approach simultaneously provides measures of fit of the super-resolution result, from both reconstruction and recognition perspectives. This is different from the conventional paradigms of matching in a low-resolution domain, or, alternatively, applying a superresolution algorithm to a low-resolution face and then classifying the super-resolution result. We show, for example, that recognition of faces of as low as 6×6 pixel size is considerably improved compared to matching using a superresolution reconstruction followed by classification, and to matching with a low-resolution training set.