SmartView: Enhanced Document Viewer for Mobile Devices

  • Natasa Milic-Frayling
  • Ralph Sommerer

MSR-TR-2002-114 |

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Web pages with complex layout do not display well on small screens. They are difficult to read on mobile devices such as PDAs or Web enabled phones because they require extensive horizontal scrolling. SmartView is a browser feature that performs partitioning of an HTML document content into logical sections. Individual sections can be selected by the user for viewing independently from the rest of the document. The selected portion of the document is presented in a detailed view with modified layout for optimal reading or meeting other user’s or device requirements. The SmartView interface enforces the concept of a document by allowing the user to view both the document overview (e.g., a zoomed-out version of the document, a document thumbnail, etc.), indicating the logical decomposition of the document, and a detailed view of the selected section of the document. SmartView further enhances the user’s browsing experience by providing additional information on the document content. This information annotates logical sections and is derived from the document itself or supplied by external services. For example, SmartView assists the user in searching and browsing by providing feedback on the relevance of the page and its constituent parts with respect to a previously issued query to a search engine. The feedback is provided in two forms: as indicators of the number of hits on the overview presentation of the page and as term highlights within detailed view of a selected portion of the page. SmartView can be implemented on the device as an integral feature of the browser or as a (local or remote) service that provides the decomposition of a page and query processing on the client’s behalf.