Sora is a fully programmable, high performance software ra-
dio platform based on commodity general-purpose PC. In
this demonstration, we illustrate the main features of the
Sora platform that provide researchers flexible and power-
ful means to conduct wireless experiments at different levels
with various goals. Specifically, the demonstrator will show
four useful applications for wireless research that are built
based on the Sora platform: 1) A capture tool that allows
one to take a snapshot on a wireless channel; 2) a signal
generation tool that allows one to transmit arbitrary base-
band wave-form over the air, from a monophonic tone to a
complex modulated frame; 3) an on-line real-time receiving
application that uses the Sora User-Mode Extension; and 4)
a fully featured Software radio WiFi driver (SoftWiFi) that
can seamlessly inter-operate with commercial WiFi cards.