Land-use and land-cover (LULC) change is one of the largest ally. We use the tropical rainforests of the Amazon, the Congo gate spatial predictive models of LULC change. Current predictions variable and often poorly validated. We carried out a quantitative model spatio-temporal scales, inputs, calibration and validation from each of the models reviewed and carried out a quantitative predictions in the Brazilian Amazon. We highlight existing shortfalls that need addressing to improve the transparency, reliability and openness with regard to describing and making available the ducting appropriate model validations; and (3) the difficulty that model predictions to help inform their own analyses and policy tropical LULC change models in the tropics and the modelling suggest that recent changes in the climate change and species pathway that tropical LULC change modellers may emulate to have exerted considerable influence over public perceptions of political levels. We suggest that tropical LULC change models opinion and impact the development of land-use policies based may require further improvements in the discipline.