Worker reliability is a longstanding issue in crowdsourcing, and the automatic discovery of high quality workers is an important practical problem. Most previous work on this problem mainly focuses on estimating the quality of each individual worker jointly with the true answer of each task. However, in practice, for some tasks, worker quality could be associated with some explicit characteristics of the worker, such as education level, major and age. So the following question arises: how do we automatically discover related worker attributes for a given task, and further utilize the findings to improve data quality? In this paper, we propose a general crowd targeting framework that can automatically discover, for a given task, if any group of workers based on their attributes have higher quality on average; and target such groups, if they exist, for future work on the same task. Our crowd targeting framework is complementary to traditional worker quality estimation approaches. Furthermore, an advantage of our framework is that it is more budget efficient because we are able to target potentially good workers before they actually do the task. Experiments on real datasets show that the accuracy of final prediction can be improved significantly for the same budget (or even less budget in some cases). Our framework can be applied to many real word tasks and can be easily integrated in current crowdsourcing platforms.