Web Object Retrieval

  • Zaiqing Nie ,
  • Yunxiao Ma ,
  • Shuming Shi ,
  • Ji-Rong Wen ,
  • Wei-Ying Ma

MSR-TR-2006-70 |

In the Proceedings of the 16th international World Wide Web conference (WWW 2007)

The primary function of current Web search engines is essentially relevance ranking at the document level. However, myriad structured information about real-world objects embedded in static Web pages and online Web databases. In this paper, we propose a paradigm shift to enable searching at the object level. In traditional information retrieval models, documents are taken as the retrieval units and the content of a document is considered reliable. However, this reliability assumption is no longer valid in the object retrieval context when multiple copies of information about the same object typically exist. These copies may be inconsistent because of diversity of Web site qualities and the limited performance of current information extraction techniques. In this paper, we propose several language models for Web object retrieval. We test these models on our academic search engine called Libra and compare their performances.