Which Faces to Tag: Adding Prior Constraints into Active Learning

Ashish Kapoor, Simon Baker

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision |

Published by IEEE Computer Society

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We introduce an algorithm that guides the user to tag faces in the best possible order during a face recognition assisted tagging scenario. In particular, we extend the active learning paradigm to take advantage of constraints known a priori. For example, in the context of personal photo collections, if two faces come from the same source photograph, we know that they must be of different people. Similarly, in the context of video, we know that the faces from a single track must be of the same person. Given a set of unlabeled images and constraints, we use a probabilistic discriminative model that models the posterior distributions by propagating label information using a message passing scheme. The uncertainty estimate provided by the model naturally allows for active learning paradigms where the user is consulted after each iteration to tag additional faces. Our experiments show that performing active learning while incorporating a priori constraints provides a significant boost in many real-world face recognition tasks.