Wireless Evanescent Coupling and its Connection to the Latest Developments Presented by Researchers at MIT

  • Gerald DeJean

MSR-TR-2007-143 |

The increased interest in using wireless technology to charge or power devices has led to greater understanding of the principles of wireless evanescent coupling. Evanescent wave coupling describes how the coupling of an electromagnetic wave can be sent from one device to another by way of a decaying electromagnetic field. Researchers at MIT have recently proposed a plan for wireless power transfer based on this idea and the idea of releasing stored electromagnetic energy in the near-field region at resonance. Although, using resonance to maximize coupling at resonance is not a new or unique technique, applying it to power transfer may possibly be unique. Before you run out and buy wireless power generators, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed concerning this technology. These are safety, physical limitations, crosstalk, and efficiency. Although it might be difficult to provide solutions that could equally solve each of these concerns, if these issues can be properly addressed, then we may be closer to realizing this technology than we expect.