Systems & networking

Systems & networking

Researching and inventing new technologies for next-generation infrastructures and platforms for sensors, devices and the cloud.

Systems & networking researchers at Microsoft develop technologies that expand the state of the art in computing. Researchers explore AI techniques for the efficient operation of cloud-scale systems and build systems that make complex AI techniques viable at scale. They work on technologies that make the cloud secure, reliable, and available by building verifiable systems, designing optical networking infrastructures, extensive management tools, new storage architectures, edge & mobile computing, and wireless networking that will bring the next billion users online.

Team members collaborate across the company and throughout academic, industry and open-source communities to identify the most challenging problems, define long-term research agendas and spur innovative solutions for the computing industry.

Focus areas

Big data systems

Investigating novel approaches to achieve efficient and robust systems to store, analyze and process data in increasingly complex networks.

Distributed systems

Researching methods to build, verify and manage distributed systems that underpin emerging technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things.


Designing custom infrastructures and systems that accelerate advances in networking, security, cloud services and artificial intelligence.

Mobile and IoT systems

Innovating system designs for mobile computing and the Internet of Things including operating systems, user interfaces, energy harvesting, connectivity, sensors and services.


Developing verified, always-available, latency-sensitive, high-bandwidth networks for the cloud and Internet.

Operating Systems

Designing and optimizing operating systems and hypervisors for the cloud-enabled mobile-first world.


Engaging in research at all levels of the storage stack, from user-experience driven file system designs to scalable, predictable and efficient storage systems for datacenters.


Investigating novel methods to connect underserved populations to the Internet and support increasing traffic demands from billions of mobile and Internet of Things devices.