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Social Media Studies (SMS) is a network of social science and humanistic researchers, part of the Microsoft Research labs in New England. It includes full-time researchers, postdocs, interns, and visitors. Begun in 2009, the researchers who now lead the initiative are: Nancy Baym, Tarleton Gillespie, and Mary Gray. Our primary purpose is to provide rich contextual understanding into the social and cultural dynamics that underpin social media technologies. Our work spans several disciplines: anthropology, communication, economics, information, law, media studies, women’s studies, science & technology studies, and sociology.

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The current economy depends on the ‘ghost workers’

Read more at El País… (Spanish)

El País | September 27, 2019

[card title="Book Excerpt: How Music Fans Built the Internet" url="" ] In an excerpt from her new book, Microsoft researcher Nancy Baym demonstrates how music lovers used fan culture to build a worldwide web…

Wired | July 10, 2018

The Humans Working Behind the AI Curtain

Just how artificial is Artificial Intelligence? Facebook created a PR firestorm last summer when reporters discovered a human “editorial team” – rather than just unbiased algorithms – selecting stories for its trending topics section. The revelation highlighted an elephant in the room of our tech world…

The Harvard Business Review | January 7, 2017