99DOTS: low-cost monitoring and improving medication adherence


May 26, 2015


99DOTS is a new model of delivering tuberculosis medications that utilizes
basic mobile phones and augmented blister packaging to provide real-time
adherence monitoring without the burden of direct observation.
By far three pilots have been conducted, spanning over 40 patients in
India. Results from the pilots are very encouraging. Over 90% of all doses were
reported correctly using 99DOTS. All patients were able to use the system, even
if they had not received any formal education.

We believe that 99DOTS represents a promising approach for improving the
delivery of tuberculosis medications. If a patient shows regular adherence
under traditional DOTS, they could gradually transition to 99DOTS, improving
convenience to patients and also allowing providers to focus their attention on
less adherent patients.


  • Portrait of Andrew Cross

    Andrew Cross

    Research Program Manager

  • Portrait of Bill Thies

    Bill Thies

    Senior Researcher