A Component Language for Structured Concurrent Programming

In this talk, I present a new programming language designed for structured concurrency. The language is based on components which are organized in hierarchical and “pointer-free” structures. The components run concurrently and only interact via communication. With this model, hierarchical encapsulation, statefull interactions, race-free concurrency, flexible polymorphism and a simple memory management is enabled. The language is implemented by a native runtime system which allows the efficient execution of a huge number of light-weight processes. In a case study of traffic simulation, it has been demonstrated that the new language enables a more natural mapping to the program and also offers a higher performance compared to other sequential or con¬current simulations.

Speaker Details

Luc Bläser has studied computer science at ETH Zurich, where he completed his master in software engineering in 2004. At the beginning of 2008, he received his PhD in computer science from ETH Zurich with the dissertation on a new language and system for structured concurrent programming. In his previous research, Luc Bläser has also designed and implemented a persistent programming language and runtime system based on Oberon. Luc Bläser is currently working as an independent software consultant in Switzerland.

Luc Blaser