Accelerating Urban Informatics with Microsoft Azure – Webinar


May 28, 2014


The world is becoming more urbanized. The movement of populations from rural to city life is nothing new in the developed countries of Europe and North America, but it has greatly accelerated in the rapidly developing countries of Asia. Rapid urbanization poses challenges, as growing cities strive to deliver services, maintain a safe and healthful environment, and promote a vibrant economy. Meeting these challenges effectively requires actions based on the collection, analysis, and modeling of reliable data—a need that has given rise to the field of urban informatics. Think of it as the big data of big cities. Crunching big data is one of the strengths of cloud computing, and Microsoft Azure, the cloud-computing platform from Microsoft, offers tremendous potential in urban informatics.

Areas covered in the session:

  • Overview of “Accelerating Urban Informatics with Microsoft Azure” research theme
  • Advances of urban computing in Microsoft Research Asia
  • Crowdsourcing-based urban noise mapping with smartphones

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