Advances in AI and the Future of Work: Perspectives and Discussion


January 14, 2019


Eric Horvitz, David Autor, James Manyika, Jason Furman, Siddharth Suri, Stefan Dercon


Microsoft, MIT, McKinsey and Company/McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Microsoft, Blavatnik School of Government/University of Oxford


Please join us for this special Microsoft event brought to you by Microsoft Research, CELA, and the Microsoft Aether Committee. Advances in methods and applications of AI, particularly with uses of machine learning, have stimulated increasing numbers of conversations, presentations, and scholarly activities around the potential influences of the rise of new capabilities with automation on the future of labor and the economy. David Autor, James Manyika, Siddharth Suri, Jason Furman, and Stefan Dercon will share their perspectives on the potential influences of AI on the future of work. We’ll invite audience participation via allocating time for q & a.