Blue skies to ground truth: Machine learning for Kinect human motion capture


June 30, 2011


Andrew Fitzgibbon




Kinect for XBox 360 is not just a new way of controlling computer games, it represents a fundamental change in the way humans can interact with machines. I will talk about how Kinect solves the human body tracking problem, which involved a significant advance over the academic state of the art. The key was a clever repurposing of existing machine learning approaches to general object recognition, combined a database of training data much larger than had previously been used. The talk also illustrates how “blue skies” research can have practical benefits both short-term and long.


Andrew Fitzgibbon

Andrew Fitzgibbon is a Royal Society University Research fellow working in Oxford University’s Visual Geometry Group. Following undergraduate work at the National University of Ireland, he received his PhD from Edinburgh University in 1997. He has twice received the IEEE’s Marr Prize and software based on his work won an Engineering Emmy Award in 2002 for significant contributions to the creation of complex visual effects. His research interests are in the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics, with excursions into neuroscience.