Choose Not to Fail: 9 Really Smart Behaviors you Should Bring to Work Every Day


May 23, 2012


Peter Jerkewitz


Novus Works


Analogies are a powerful, memorable and often playful way of understanding and communicating complex ideas. In Choose not to Fail, Peter has captured some quite common yet challenging situations we encounter in our daily journey in 9 very memorable useful analogies.

During this talk, Peter will be exploring why analogies came to be a significant tool for him as a team member, manager and leader. How you can put this power and perspective to work for you in your position starting today. He’ll also explore a selection of analogies from the book, exploring them in some depth, with examples of how they come into play within groups, and how you could utilize each to make your choices and impact stronger and more immediate.

The analogies in Choose Not to Fail area presented in a very approachable conversation style, and have uses in a variety of situations. Each is a package unto themselves, setting up a situation and exploring a specific, very reusable analogy to drive a deep understanding of what’s likely really going on, and several different options you’d have to manage it better, always with an eye to achieving results for you and the group around you.

The goal for this talk and Choose Not to Fail is to help each of us understand better what’s happening in the group dynamics around us and the impacts they have on the choices we make. Using the insight and perspective from these analogies, you’ll be positioned to better make better choices and interact on those choices with those around you.


Peter Jerkewitz

Peter is an experienced and practical leader, with over 20 years of diverse experience in software development and leadership areas. He has a natural passion of ensuring the right solutions to challenging problems are found, regardless from whom or where they are found. He has a lead, by empowering the contribution of all participants. Peter’s teamwork approach creates a dynamic that results in customer satisfaction and long-term business value.

For over 18 years, Peter worked at Microsoft in a wide range of leadership and individual contributor roles. Most recently he lead the release management, documentation, localization and TAP efforts within Dynamics. He also contributed as the Director of Release Management for Windows, Group Manager for the DevDiv setup team, Product Unit Manager for the IE sustained engineering team, built and lead the first WinSE PM team, and was GPM within the Natural Languages group shipping in Office, MSN and Encarta, these amongst other roles. During his journey inside Microsoft he learned a lot about how to get things done, and how to lead teams to understanding diverse needs, conflicting requirements and just getting things done. Always for Peter has been the communication style and focus of leveraging analogies to ensure people were seeing the same challenges before dropping into solve mode.