Culture-Aware Approaches to Music Information Research


August 29, 2014


Gopala Krishna Koduri


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain


Music traditions from around the world share a few common characteristics. Yet, they differ substantially when viewed within their geographical and cultural context. Yet, our data-, cognition-, interaction-, user-models and ontologies do not cater to this diversity. CompMusic project ( aims to address this by advancing the field of music information research placing emphasis on culture-aware approaches to music description. The first of the two parts of the talk will give an overview of the work being done in the project. The second part of the talk is about my ongoing thesis work, which draws upon multi-modal data sources concerning art music traditions, extracting culturally relevant and musically meaningful information from each of them and structuring it with formal knowledge representations. As part of this, information extraction methods that are sensitive to the culture-specificities of the given music are proposed. Due to the complementary nature of the data sources, structuring and linking the information extracted from them results in a symbiotic link, mutually enriching their information. Over this multi-modal knowledge base, relatedness measures for the discovery of musical entities are proposed, yielding a culturally-sound navigation space.


Gopala Krishna Koduri

Gopala Krishna Koduri is a Ph.D student (2011-present) at the Music Technology Group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) working on CompMusic project with Prof. Xavier Serra. The broad goal of his Ph.D is to develop Culture-aware information models for exploration and navigation of music. Prior to this, he received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from IIIT-Hyderabad, India.