Data Science Curricula at the University of Washington eScience Institute


October 9, 2012


Bill Howe


University of Washington


The University of Washington eScience Institute is engaged in a number of educational efforts in data science, including certificate programs for professionals, workshops for students in domain science, a new data-oriented introductory programming course, and a data science MOOC to be offered through Coursera in the spring. We consider the tools, techniques, research topics, and skills to be well-aligned with the data-driven discovery emphasis of eScience itself—the only difference is the applications.

We see several benefits in aligning these two areas. For example, students in science majors who are not pursuing research careers become more marketable. In the other direction, working professionals see opportunities to apply their skills to solve science problems—we have recruited volunteers from industry in this way. In this talk, I’ll discuss these activities, review our curriculum, and describe our next steps.