Data Science Summer School 2015- The Cost of Public School


August 25, 2015


Jake Hofman, Thomas Patino, Anastassiya Neznanova, Nikki Hanson, and Glenda Ascencio


Microsoft Research New York City, Skidmore College, Queens College, St. Joseph's College


New York City is home to the largest public school system in the country, which contains some of the best and worst schools in the state. Given this diversity, which often occurs over small geographic regions, there is extremely high demand for homes in the best public schools in the city. We investigate and quantify this demand by analyzing over 10,000 home sales in different school zones across the city and reveal the implicit cost of purchasing a home zoned for each elementary school in the city.


Jake Hofman, Thomas Patino, Anastassiya Neznanova, Nikki Hanson, and Glenda Ascencio

Jake Hofman is a Researcher at Microsoft Research in New York City, where his work in computational social science involves applications of statistics and machine learning to large-scale social data. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was a member of the Microeconomics and Social Systems group at Yahoo! Research. Jake is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at Columbia University, where he has designed and taught classes on a number of topics ranging from biological physics to applied machine learning.

Thomas Patino is a senior at Skidmore College majoring in Business Management. Thomas has worked in various projects involving neighborhood improvement and urban planning. With his experience at Microsoft, Thomas hopes to bridge the gap between the technology industry and Latinos. Thomas anticipates going to graduate school in the computer science field to utilize data and find creative solutions to community development.

Anastassiya is a current honor transfer student at Queens College. She recently completed her undergraduate research in mathematics and published her paper in the International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. Anastassiya aims to pursue her BS in Computer Science and sees her career in entrepreneurship.

Nikki Hanson, known to friends as Riley, is a rising senior at Queens College interested in software engineering, gaming, Japanese and increasing diversity in tech. A bit of a latecomer to the game, they were writing code before they knew what it was, and that path inevitably led them to return to school for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Math. Their favorite subject by far is Computational Theory, and they hope to get into Cryptography next.

Glenda Ascencio, an undergraduate student with an entrepreneur, mathematical, and software development skill living in New York City. She’s majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science at St. Joseph’s College. She loves challenging her mind by finding solutions to different programming problems. In her spare time, one of the things she loves to do is to program with Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and R. One of her fervent desires is to pursue a career in data analytics so she can inform and educate citizenry of the USA/Honduras because she wants to stop violence, poverty, and ignorance.