Data Science Summer School 2015 – The Ins and Outs of the New York City Subway System


August 25, 2015


Justin Rao, Shannon Evans, Steven Vazquez, Eiman Ahmed, and Riva Tropp


Microsoft Research New York City, New York City College of Technology, Manhattan College, Pace University, Yeshiva University


Every day, the population of New York regions shrinks and swells as people travel into and around the city. With six million daily trips, the subway system is one of the main conduits for these travelers, but relatively little is known about the flow of subway passengers throughout the day. Using MTA’s public datasets, our team mapped the paths commuters take, and consequentially, the substantial changes to the population in the city’s many regions.


Justin Rao, Shannon Evans, Steven Vazquez, Eiman Ahmed, and Riva Tropp

Justin Rao is a Researcher at the MSR NYC lab:

Shannon Evans was born in St. Lucia and is currently an international student at New York City College of Technology. An Applied Mathematics major with a concentration in finance, his ultimate goal is to become a financial analyst. He lives for the opportunity to become a world changer; to design financial systems that improves our lives. He also loves sports, particularly soccer, table tennis, and cricket.

I was born and raised in the Bronx where I still reside. I currently attend Manhattan College, studying Computer Science and minoring in mathematics. I am a brother of the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon and love sports as much I love solving problems. I am excited to learn and grow this summer.

Eiman is a rising Sophomore at Pace University where she is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathetmatics and in Statistics. She first fell in love with coding when she took her first Java course in high school and now works as an app developer at her university’s technology consultancy. In her free time, she enjoys watching T.V. shows like Criminal Minds and going on long walks with her friends.

Riva Tropp is from Teaneck, New Jersey. A Computer Science minor at Yeshiva University, she is interested in linguistic analysis and software development. She also enjoys using data science to learn more about how people work.