Double header: Create & Submit a WP App to the Marketplace in 30 Minutes and What’s New for Developers in Windows Phone Mango


June 10, 2011


Carlo Rivera and Shawn Henry


Microsoft Corporation


These talks are part of the lecture series associated with the Hawaii Intern XAPFest app building contest. While the talks are targeted to Interns interested inthe contest, all Microsoft employees are welcome to attend. Subsequent lectures in this series will cover topics such as XNA, Hawaii and Azure development. See http://hixap for more details and pointers to previous talks in the series.

There will be two talks.

  1. Create & Submit a WP App to the Marketplace in 30 Minutes: In this talk Carlo will start a new project, write some code, tweak the UI, test, and submit the app to the marketplace, all in 30 minutes. Bring your own laptop if you want to follow along.
  2. What’s New for Developers in Windows Phone Mango: In this talk, Shawn will tell us about Mango. Windows Phone 7 was only the beginning. Later this year we’ll release a new version of Windows Phone that will unlock new capabilities for developers: Background Agents, Fast Application Resume, Deep Linking, Multi-Tile, Network Sockets, Raw Camera, XNA Interop and more.


Carlo Rivera and Shawn Henry

Carlo Rivera works as a Senior Test Lead in Office. He has published 18 Windows Phone apps and even made an app in 60 minutes on a dare. Carlo’s apps range from simple to complex and have more than 275,000 downloads.

Shawn Henry is a Program Manager in the Windows Phone Application Platform team.