Embedded Systems and Robotics Research


July 18, 2005


Andy Wilson, Hod Lipson, Steven Bathiche, and Stewart Tansley


Microsoft Research; Cornell University; Microsoft; Microsoft Research


This session of the 2005 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit highlights some of the exciting embedded systems research activities that Microsoft and its academic partners have been working on recently.

  • Stewart Tansley, program manager for Embedded Systems and Robotics at Microsoft Research, introduces the session by summarizing the results and follow-ups to the international Embedded Systems RFP that held its wrap-up workshop after last year’s Faculty Summit.
  • Professor Hod Lipson from Cornell University, one of the winners of the RFP awards, highlights some of his research in robotics and presents his work in the broader context of his bold research agenda in evolvable machines and computational synthesis.
  • Steve Bathiche, R&D program manager in Microsoft Hardware, and Andy Wilson, researcher at Microsoft Research, present an example of the robotics-related research going on at Microsoft, focusing on a research platform for exploring human-robot interaction.


Andy Wilson, Hod Lipson, Steven Bathiche, and Stewart Tansley

Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research