Eye Movements in Biometrics and Human Computer Interaction

Accurate and unforgettable identity recognition is a topic of critical concern in the modern world. Unfortunately, further improving security via biometrics systems is difficult to achieve and frequently requires additional hardware. This talk will discuss the possibility of identifying a person based on several separate traits derived from the eye movements, e.g., oculomotor plant (eye globe and its muscles) characteristics (OPC), and complex eye movement patterns (CEM). The talk will discuss how eye movement technology can be combined with iris recognition technology while being run on the existing iris biometric devices to improve their accuracy and counterfeit resistance. The talk will also discuss several topic related to human computer interaction via eye movements, eye movement-based usability analysis of computer interfaces, and several issues related to the functioning of the gaze-contingent displays.

Speaker Details

Dr. Oleg V. Komogortsev is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Texas State University. Dr. Komogortsev conducts research in eye tracking with an emphasis on cyber security (biometrics), human computer interaction, usability, bioengineering, psychology and physical therapy. This work has thus far yielded more than 50 peer reviewed publications and two patents. Dr. Komogortsev’s research was covered by the national media including NBC News, Discovery, Yahoo, Livesience and others. Dr. Komogortsev has recently won National Science Foundation CAREER award on the topic of eye movement biometrics and cyber security. In addition his research is supported by the National Institute of Standards, Sigma Xi the Scientific Research Society, and several industrial sources. Dr. Komogortsev is a recipient of 2013 Presidential Award for Scholarly Excellence from Texas State.

Oleg Komogortsev
Texas State University
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