Faculty Summit 2016 – The Future of Work: Societal Challenges


July 13, 2016


Mary Gray, Meredith Ringel Morris, Winifred Poster, Chris Benner


Microsoft, University St. Louis, University of California - Santa Cruz


Some argue that AI will soon take over most human jobs. Yet, despite advances in automation, IoT and on-demand services are fueling novel worlds of work and productivity. The panel brings together a diverse group of scholars to discuss: What technical, social and political challenges and opportunities do AI and crowdsourcing pose for the future of work? How will we build productive and equitable work environments as economies shift from a need for full-time, 9am-5pm formal employment to the dynamics of a contract-driven always-on, on-demand digital economy? Attendees will take away a more nuanced sense of AI and crowdsourcing as disruptive technologies poised to redefine not just workflows but the future of work itself.


Moderator: Mary Gray, Microsoft Research