Geo-Replication in Distributed Systems


June 8, 2012


In this lecture, we consider the problem of replicating data across geo-distributed locations, a problem that is increasingly relevant for large data center applications. We cover several solutions based on the type of operation that the storage system must provide and on the whether replicas must be updated immediately or eventually. For each solution, we consider the trade-offs that it offers in terms of consistency and performance.


Marcos K. Aguilera

Marcos K. Aguilera is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley, which he joined in 2008. Prior to that, he was a researcher at HP Labs and Compaq Systems Research Center (SRC). Marcos obtained his PhD in computer science from Cornell University in 2000. His interests include practice of distributed systems and theory of distributed computing.


  • Portrait of Marcos K. Aguilera

    Marcos K. Aguilera