Geometry and Theoretical Computer Science


August 31, 2011


Avi Wigderson


Institute for Advanced Study


Yes, there are many (and growing) connections between this very ancient branch of mathematics and that very new one!
In this talk I will describe some recent works, on several different basic geometric problems which naturally arose from, and were solve by, intuitions and methods from theoretical computer science. These include periodic foams , Euclidean sections and line-point incidences.
No special background is assumed.


Avi Wigderson

Avi Wigderson is a Professor in the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton. He was with the Computer Science Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem from 1986 until 2003. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1983 from Princeton University. His main research interests are in complexity theory, algorithms, randomness, and cryptography. Prof. Wigderson has received the Nevanlinna Prize, the Yoram Ben-Porat Presidential Prize for Outstanding Researcher, the Conant Prize, and the Godel Prize.