Health & Wellbeing II


October 11, 2010


Vince Forgetta and Xin-Yi Chua


McGill University, Queensland University of Technology


BL!P: A Tool to Automate NCBI BLAST Searches and Customize the Results for Exploration in Live Labs Pivot
Vince Forgetta, McGill University

GenoZoom: Browsing the genome with Microsoft Biology Foundation, Deep Zoom, and Silverlight
Xin-Yi Chua, Queensland University of Technology


Vince Forgetta and Xin-Yi Chua

I am entering the 5th year of my PhD at McGill University in the Department of Human Genetics (with option in Bioinformatics). My thesis entails developing software that allows researchers to more easily analyze DNA sequence datasets from massively parallel DNA sequencers. This includes leveraging existing software and developing new software to analyze and visualize these large genomic datasets. I enjoy spending my free time biking, playing board games, and enjoying what Montreal has to offer with family and friends.

Xin-Yi Chua is currently studying at QUT, Australia, in the area of bioinformatics – applying machine learning techniques to improve the reliability of transcriptional regulatory inferences in order to identify strain specific differences in bacteria, specifically focusing on factors influencing virulence. During this summer at MSR she is looking at interactive and intuitive ways to visualize large-scale genomic data to assist in comprehending complex information.