HereHere NYC Provides Insight Into How Your Neighborhood Is Doing


April 17, 2014


Kati London


HereHere NYC is a research project that enables neighborhoods to generate opinions based on public data. The project summarizes how your neighborhood, or other New York City neighborhoods of interest, are doing via a daily email digest, neighborhood-specific Twitter feeds, and status updates on a map. The goals are to:

  • Create compelling stories with data to engage larger communities.
  • Invent light daily rituals for connecting to the hyperlocal.
  • Using characterization as a tool to drive data engagement.

HereHere uses Project Sentient Data, an early-stage project to explore how interactions can be improved by understanding ecosystems of data in terms of characterization, personalities, and relationships. Sentient Data provides a server and a representational-state-transfer API that enables developers to assign personalities and translate data sets into their relative emotion states.