Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA)


January 20, 2012


Narendra Ahuja


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Also ITRA


Talk by Prof. Narendra Ahuja at TechVista 2012, Kolkata, India.

A Government of India, Department of Information Technology Program to Enhance the Quality of IT and Related Advanced Education

ITRA is a National Programme aimed at building a resource for enhancing the quality and quantity of R&D in Information and Communications Technologies and Electronics (IT) and its applications at a steadily growing number of academic and research institutions. The core areas of IT lie in various engineering disciplines, notably computer science and engineering, and electrical engineering, although applications may come from almost any discipline. Quality is measured in terms of curriculum and instruction, research, societal sensitivity and problem solving, and entrepreneurial activity. ITRA plans to enhance the quality of academic institutions, called ITRA institutions (IIs), by sponsoring and facilitating R&D in different focus areas by closely collaborating teams of IIs, working with non-academic institutions such as research labs, industry, Government organizations and NGOs. Each focus area is either a part of IT, or aimed at applying IT to an important problem domain. ITRA plans to work with the IIs in identifying ways to improve quality, and helping with financial support, mechanisms and other resources needed

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