Internet-Scale Quantum Repeater Networks

Internet-scale quantum repeater networks will be heterogeneous in physical technology, node functionality, and management. The classical control necessary to use the network will therefore face similar issues as Internet data transmission. In this talk, I will describe the basic ideas behind quantum repeater networks, some of their uses, the open problems that must be addressed, and our current research on the Quantum Recursive Network Architecture, or QRNA.

As an example of the collision of quantum and classical engineering, I will present our analysis of multiplexing schemes for repeater networks, and show that Internet-style statistical multiplexing improves aggregate throughput of the network, is robust and fair, and can be easily implemented.

Speaker Details

Rodney can Meter received a B.S. in engineering and applied science from the California Institute of Technology in 1986, an M.S. in computer engineering from the University of Southern California in 1991, and a Ph.D. in computer science from Keio University in 2006.

His main research is architectures for distributed quantum computation. Additional interests include storage systems, networking, and post-Moore’s Law computer architecture. He has held positions in both industry and academia in the U.S. and Japan. He is now an Associate Professor of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University’s Shonan Fujisawa Campus. Dr. Van Meter is a member of AAAS, ACM and IEEE.

Rodney van Meter
Keio University

Series: Microsoft Research Talks