James Whittaker teaches “The Art of Stage Presence”


December 15, 2014


James Whittaker




Every hour of every day in every country where business is conducted the same scene plays out: dozens of well-paid people sitting in a conference room being bored senseless. Death by a thousand slides. This mind numbing, soul crushing, grotesquely expensive experience ends here. James Whittaker reveals the secrets to conceiving, building and delivering a great presentation. Whatever your level of presentation skills, this course offers to hone them. You’ll learn how to build a compelling story from the ground up. You’ll be given advice on how to remember and recall that story as you deliver it. You’ll be taught how to use oratory and literary instruments to make the story come alive for your audience.

This is a 3-hour course with a 15 minute break in the middle.


James Whittaker

James Whittaker is Distinguished Technical Evangelist at Microsoft with diverse engineering, research, writing and speaking credentials. His background spans government, academia, a successful start-up and leadership roles in top technology corporations. He’s shipped major software titles at IBM, Microsoft and Google; he’s published dozens of peer-reviewed research papers and authored 5 award-winning and best-selling technical books. He has won “best-of show” awards at conferences across the globe. James is well known for his visionary leadership and his passion for hard core engineering practices.