Keeping Fit with the Jetsons


October 15, 2008


Biray Alsac


Mesa Community College


“Meet George Jetson…” Remember the orange-haired techno-savvy character we grew up watching at the breakfast table? Although we aren’t quite driving to work in flying cars or demanding chores from robot maids, with today’s technology our lifestyle is not too far from the Jetsons. Perhaps the Jetson-era never had high levels of sedentarism or an obesity epidemic. But if they did, how would they face it?

In this seminar Biray will discuss how social software (Twitter, Facebook, exergames, vlogs, etc.) is helping individuals reach personal health goals by keeping everyone accountable for their fitness. As an avid fan of Web 2.0 apps, Biray studies the adoption of current technologies on the consumer-level and aligns her efforts with the current research on exercise adherence. If you’re interested in improving your fitness lifestyle, want to understand how consumers are using social software for healthful living, or just want to convince your spouse to get a new XBOX360 for the latest exergame, this talk is for you.


Biray Alsac

Biray is an international fitness and wellness speaker. She presents on current interactive technologies and their possible fitness applications. A freelance writer for various health & fitness magazines, she is amazed that she actually gets paid to author a column on all-things ‘tech and fitness’! She is also the health and fitness correspondent in SecondLife.Biray serves as an adjunct faculty in the Exercise Science & Physical Education department of Mesa Community College in Arizona. She’s currently developing curriculum to make activity-based classes (like walking, jogging, cycling) completely web-based and for college-credit. She received her Master’s degree in Exercise & Wellness from ASU where she studied the benefits of exergaming on cardiovascular health. She’s obsessed with exergames, but in her spare time she dreams of having a PS3 so she can continue her love affair with Ratchet & Clank.