Language Search Engines and Machine Translation: Making MT and Human Translators Smarter


July 17, 2007


Tim Hunt and Aaron Davis




Tim Hunt and Aaron Davis of Lingotek will lecture on the use of Language Search Engines as a platform for improving both human translation and machine translation. They will demonstrate a language search engine developed by Lingotek that runs in a web browser and is provided free over the Internet.


Tim Hunt and Aaron Davis

Tim Hunt has 27 years experience in the translation industry. He spent 14 years supervising translation in over 85 languages worldwide. He has worked on the ground in over 30 countries. He is the founder of Lingotek and the conceptual designer for the Language Search Engine. He has a MBA from the University of Utah and a BA in Asian Studies. He is also a former professor at the University of Utah and speaks both Vietnamese and Chinese.

Aaron Davis is the CTO of Lingotek and the lead software engineer who architected the Language Search Engine. He has 13 years experience in programming with iServer, Verio and NTT. He has a BS in Computer Science and is finishing a Masters in CS with a research emphasis in Natural Language Processing. His Masters Committee Chair is Eric Ringger, formerly of Microsoft. Aaron also speaks French.