Liquid Types


July 31, 2008


Ranjit Jhala


UC San Diego


We present Logically Qualified Data Types, abbreviated to Liquid Types, a new static verification technique which combines the complementary strengths of automated deduction (SMT solvers), model checking (Predicate Abstraction), and type systems (Hindley-Milner inference). Liquid Types automate static verification of deep invariants by combining local implication checks over simple refinement predicates with global subtyping checks. The former are discharged using SMT solvers, and the latter using standard type-based mechanisms. We have implemented Liquid Types in a tool Dsolve, which takes as input an Ocaml program and a set of logical qualifiers and infers liquid types for the expressions in the program. To demonstrate the utility of our approach, we describe experiments using Dsolve to statically verify, with minimal annotations, the safety of array accesses on a diverse set of benchmarks, and the key invariants of a variety of data structure libraries including several sorting implementations, AVL trees, red-black trees, finite, balanced binary search maps, and an extensible vector library.

(Joint work with Patrick Rondon and Ming Kawaguchi)


Ranjit Jhala

Ranjit Jhala is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. Before joining UCSD, he was a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Ranjit is interested in Programming Languages and Software Engineering, more specifically, in techniques for building reliable computer systems. His work draws from, combines and contributes to methods the areas of Model Checking, Program Analysis and Automated Deduction.