Machine Learning and Intelligence in Our Midst

The creation of intelligent computing systems that perceive, learn, and reason has been a long-standing and visionary goal in computer science. Over the last 20 years, technical and infrastructural developments have come together to create a nurturing environment for developing and fielding applications of machine learning and reasoning–and for harnessing machine intelligence to provide value to businesses and to people in the course of their daily lives. Key advances include jumps in the availability of rich streams of data, precipitous drops in the cost of storing and retrieving large amounts of data, increases in computing power and memory, and jumps in the prowess of methods for performing machine learning and reasoning. The combination of these advances have created an inflection point in our ability to harness data to generate insights and to guide decision-making. This talk will present recent efforts on learning and inference, highlighting key ideas in the context of applications, including advances in transportation and health care, and the development of new types of applications and services. Opportunities for creating systems with new kinds of competencies by weaving together multiple data sources and models will also be discussed.