Measuring Gait and Balance Workshop: Session 2


May 30, 2014


Quantifying post-stroke impairment with Kinect

Current methods for assessing post-stroke motor impairment rely on subjective measurements by physical therapists. In order to improve rehabilitation practices and provide more detailed information regarding post stroke motor impairment, objective measurement tools are needed. To address this need, we have developed an algorithm that automatically quantifies post-stroke motor impairment from kinematics recorded by the Kinect sensor. We will show the findings that compare the performance of this algorithm relative to the trained physical therapists.


Erienne Olesh

Erienne Olesh is a third year graduate student in the Center for Neuroscience at West Virginia University. Her research focus is to identify the underlying changes that occur in motor control after a stroke that lead to movement impairment. Furthermore, she is working to improve rehabilitation methods by developing a quantitative and automated method of movement assessment. Her undergraduate work was completed at the University of Puget Sound where she majored in Exercise Physiology. Her research focus during her undergraduate work was to characterize foot morphological changes that occurred after long term walking.